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Reptiles Made Easy :) 

Camo's Reptiles offers a reptile course with a difference. Get out of the classroom and experience an interactive reptile care course at the keeper's own residence. Learn valuable skills which will allow you to raise a happy, healthy reptile. Learn how to keep your reptile in top condition. Camo's course shows you how to:-

  • Heat and light your reptiles environment in order to mimic their natural habitat. What UV bulbs to use & how to position them
  • Learn How to set up enclosures for young to mature Animals.
  • Learn how to decorate cages, and what to avoid & how to Make your own enclosures.

  • Feed your reptile. Learn which foods are best for different breeds and how to set up insect colonies to minimize the expense of buying food.
  • Learn how to treat a sick animal in order to avoid expensive vet bills
  • Learn which backyard food can be fed to your reptile safely,
    and what you can find to feed reptiles in the supermarket.
  • Learn how to breed your own lizard and frog food, crickets,
    mealworms & roaches, & how to make your own flytrap and save $$$.
  • Learn basic health care! How to treat cuts, burns, eye problems & parasite control at home.
  • Learn how to determine the sex of lizards and snakes.
  • What to do if they lay eggs and how to make and use your own incubator.
  • Choosing the right Reptile for you, and how to handle it.
  • How to set up turtle tanks, inside and out.
  • How to set up Frog enclosures.
  • How to build outdoor pits.

  • Learn about different types of thermostats and how to use them.
  • Learn what species can be kept together & tips and tricks to keep young reptiles Healthy.
  • Learn to avoid common mistakes such as using sticky tape or large rocks, and how to deal with problems with using natural light.
  • Learn which substrates and decorations are best for your reptiles and which are safe or not.

  • Camo can answer just about any question you might have about Reptiles!
    Camo can also teach you how to breed reptiles. How to set up an ideal environment to facilitate breeding, and take care of a new-born baby. Camo has thirty years of experience and can teach you everything you need to know to build the perfect reptile haven.

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